Women’s Film Festival in Afghanistan

In the city of Herat, Western Afghanistan, the International Women’s Day 2013 was celebrated by a film festival with films from female directors or with gender themes. The film festival continued for 2 days (7th to 9th of March) during which 30 films were shown. The topics of the films also covered problems that women in Afghanistan face, for example child marriages, domestic and sexual violence and the insecure situation for women in Afghanistan.
The city of Herat was chosen for two specific reasons, one for the ancient history and culture, but also for the violence against women that takes place in the city nowadays. According to the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission half of all the 4,010 violence cases against women in Afghanistan between March and October 2012 happened in Kabul or Herat.
With the film festival, attention for women is raised in Afghanistan. The film festival will be growing larger every year, according to the organizers. So let’s hope the attention for women in the country will do the same.