Unicredit offers different loans for different customers

This year, the Italian bank Unicredit was awarded four top recognitions, two second and three third ranks in the Italian “AIFIn Cerchio d’Oro dell’innovazione finanziaria”, an award organized by the Italian Financial Innovation Association with the aim to promote the role of innovation in banking, financial sectors, and insurance). Due to the fact that UniCredit had an excellent position in 7 different categories, the company received a special award as “Innovative Broker of the Year”. Over the last years, Unicredit has steadily improved its services and responses to customers needs as well as its products, communication, financial solutions and overall approach to its customers. One of the awards went to the UniCredit International, which is a customer solution that allows small businesses to access the international markets. For Unicredit, customer diversity is very important and addressing the needs of different customers is not only necessary from a business management standpoint, but also from a humanitarian and ethical point. For this reason Unicredit has developed several programs that apply to different customers. The bank offers the “Agenzia Tu” with special services for international customers in Italy, Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic, and Germany.

With the opening of the first branch for women in Sofia, UniCredit Bulbank officially sets the start of a specially developed service model and product line for women, which will be available all over Bulgaria. A distinguishing advantage of most of the ‘Donna products’ for women is that they offer preferential conditions during the first three years of motherhood and a percentage of the paid interests/fees goes to the social causes. “In gender marketing, communication and CRM, there is always a fine line between stereotypical approaches that can easily insult female or male customers and actually meeting specific needs of women or men”, comments Diversity expert Michael Stuber who has published a number of articles, studies and a book on Diversity marketing.

For students, UniCredit set up different loans, e. g. the so-called Genius Card, a pre-paid card that has a zero monthly fee. For Italian students between 18 and 30 UniCredit provides several offers such as the CreditExpress Giovani loan package which enables them to pay tuition fees, purchase books and computer equipment. A CreditExpress Master package (for Master students) and a UniCredit Ad Honorem package (for graduate or undergraduate students) are other products available to Italian students. For Austrian students attending an Austrian university or recent graduates that want to pursue a second degree or want to start working, UniCredit has developed the ‘Erfolgreich service’.

In addition to their regular products, UniCredit also has runs special programs for specific communities. Through the UniCredit Foundation, the bank wants to involve their employees in charitable work. UniCredit also created the UniCredit & Universities Foundation in order to support talented students and researchers with a Study-Abroad or Exchange Programs. With the foundation they also support young entrepreneurs with a platform to launch new ideas.

UniCredit will keep on using the TRI*M index methodology in order to keep up with the customer satisfaction level. UniCredit has conducted 693,000 interviews in 2011 among customers in Italy, Austria and Germany for one of their programs. Other interviews were conducted in Poland and, three times a year, in Central and Eastern Europe in order to monitor the customer satisfaction.