Traditional brand develops contemporary image: Brandt’s new TV ads

If you thought, a traditional, family-owned company could, at best, take small steps towards a modern, Diversity-oriented image, look at a the German Brandt brand, a National leader in bakery goods. Their latest commercial campaign builds upon the conservative look to which they add contemporary themes from society to relate more closely to their consumers.

The current TV ad campaign from Brandt Zwieback-Schokoladen, aired between August and October, 2014, more than 1,000 times with about 700 million expected contacts, facilitates a striking image transformation of what used to be one of the most conservative brands in Germany. Still run by the founding family, the 1,000 employee company now combines traditional elements of their marketing strategy to date with modern aspects in order to stay relevant for the market at large. The rusk producer essentially changed the predominance of traditional families in their TV ads and replaced them with modern families. Now, the brand message is that Brandt offers products for everyone with different ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation or family role.

Five different TV ads present, e.g., a single father with his daughter, a non-white family, a gay couple or older employees at their workplace. “Market research clear shows sensitivity of these target groups not to be singled out or sensationalised”, Diversity expert Michael Stuber comments, “Brandt offers one of the few examples that offer diversity images as part of everyday reality in a relaxed and empathetic way”, he adds.

Brandt does not overhaul their traditional identity. Instead, the brand’s core values are being re-interpreted from a Diversity perspective. The connecting element of the new TV ads is the theme of “Care”, which has always been one of the company’s central values conveyed through their communication and marketing. Care is neither related to any specific form of living or family nor limited to people of a particular age, sexual orientation, gender or culture. The Brandt company reports an “overwhelmingly positive feedback” to their new marketing campaign on their Facebook page. This shows that also traditional companies should strive for Diversity, not seeing this as something too daring. Traditional markets have been shrinking and the mainstream market today consists of many segments that relate to various diversity topics. Tapping into the potential of these target groups companies will cover the market at large – as they used to do with one mono-cultural approach back in the good old times that have been replaced by even better new times.

The TV ads can be watched in Brandt’s YouTube Channel.