There is (only) so much you can do for D&I in one year

For the publishers of this website, European Diversity Research & Consulting, 2014 was a year with important projects and fundamental changes. As often, such ground-breaking developments provide both, a base for new activities and a challenge to operate in the new model while still reaching all objectives and target groups. After 18 years in operation, for us the paradigm shift affects many areas and you can also see and feel this.

We hear and speak a lot about the digital age and more concretely the virtualisation of many areas of life. As we had built our knowledge base starting in the mid 1990s, we needed to understand how we would integrate the historical foundation and the online future. Eventually, the answer was ‘migration’ and we embarked on a dual journey of processes 100,000 pages of paper and planning for a massive online resource at the same time. The latter part is available for your everyday work: Boasting 1,600+ articles, the provides information on almost any aspect of D&I management while it also shows our leading expertise and knowhow in the field. It became obvious that we should also create our own facebook page as part of the new online presence. Although we know that our readers are not necessarily the typical facebook users, we ask you to like, link, share.

As a research and evidence-based consultancy, we pride ourselves to have created some of the ground-breaking studies over the past 15 years. 2014 saw the production and publication of three new studies Studies, two of which in their third edition: the analysis of the D&I communication of Europe’s 50 largest companies and our unrivalled International Business Case Report (IBCR 3.0) with impressive 195 study portrays (60 newly added, mostly of new calibre). The newly created research looks at innovation in D&I.

Our client work has continued to focus on creating measurable value-added and significant progress with D&I. In a unique way, we have been combining evidence, innovation and holistic approaches to achieve outstanding results. Again in 2014, we designed new concepts and strategies and implemented highly successful programmes: Workshops and dialogue sessions that get actively requested by business units, creative videos or quizzes, and new types of networks or mentoring schemes.

A graphical overview provides more detail and information and shall serve as an inspiration for your 2015 planning. For more ideas, browse this website or contact us directly.