European Antidiscrimination law review for all EU Member States

It is nearly impossible to be informed about all kinds of anti-discrimination laws and relevant updates in more than 30 European countries at the same time. Thus a quality overview is not only helpful but essential to get a concise yet accurate overview of local specifics and regional similarities. The 16th bi-annual “European Anti-Discrimination Law Review” published by the European Network of Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination Field covers all 28 EU Member States, and the candidate countries Macedonia, Iceland and Turkey as well as Liechtenstein and Norway.

The aim of the network is to Contine reading

Schweizer Führungsetagen sind international – deutsche nicht

Wie setzen sich die Spitzengremien der größten Schweizer Unternehmen zusammen in Hinblick auf Internationalität und Geschlecht? Diese Frage beleuchtet seit 2006 der jährlich erscheinende Schilling Report durch Analyse der Geschäftsleitungen und Verwaltungsräte. Während sich der Anteil der Frauen in Geschäftsleitungsgremien seit 2006 nur um zwei Prozentpunkte auf 6 Prozent erhöhte, ist der Ausländeranteil seither deutlich gestiegen. Contine reading


Es ist eine simple Rechnung: Allein die Frauen könnten bei der kommenden Bundestagswahl die absolute
Mehrheit erzielen. Nähmen sie von den Männern noch die hinzu, die nicht ‚Mainstream’ sind, könnten sie
gemeinsam die Verfassung ändern – und zwar selbst dann, wenn es viele sogenannte Abweichler gäbe. Abweichler – das ist einer jener Begriffe, die sehr plastisch die politische Kultur in Deutschland repräsentieren. Contine reading

Number of over-65s in work tops one Million

The work force is aging as baby boomers move toward retirement. By now, one in ten over-65 year olds are still wage-earners. This question has recently been revisited by the Office of National Statistics in the UK (ONS). When they released a report showing that the number of employees older than 65 have reached far more than 1 million, that figure made the ghost of demographic shifts a spooky reality. Contine reading

Really real: Talent shortages are no longer just a future threat – how D&I can help

Talent shortages are having a high impact on a company’s ability to meet their clients’ needs. One out of five employers in the EMEA region that are in need of additional talent agree with this statement. This is one of the eye-opening results from the 2013 Talent Shortage Survey conducted by the Manpower Group. Especially in Asia but also in the EMEA region, organisations are having enormous difficulties to find enough of the rightly skilled talents now – while everybody thought this was only going to happen ‘some time in the future’. Contine reading

Swiss Boards are finally becoming international – German boards aren’t

What do the management boards of the largest Swiss corporations look like – with regard to internationality and gender? Since 2006, this question is answered by the annual Schilling Report which evaluates the composition of executive boards and so-called administrative boards (supervisory boards) of the country’s blue chip firms and other large organisations. A similar study was carried out for Germany in collaboration with European Diversity Research & Consulting. Contine reading


Einfach „bunt“ – auf diese griffige Formel brachte Moderatorin Dunja Hayali die Beschreibung dessen, was Diversity für sie im Kern ausmacht. Deutlich mehr punktete sie beim Publikum der Verleihung des Deutschen Diversity Preises in Berlin mit ihrer Selbstbeschreibung eines „Migrationsvordergrundes“. Gekonnte Zuspitzung wie es sich für einen solchen Anlass gehört. Ein Anlass, der wohl vor allem eines will: Ein strahlendes Licht auf große Namen werfen, um einem wichtigen Thema die nötige Beachtung zu verleihen. Contine reading

First speaking digital TV for blind people

The introduction of the digital TV led to problems for partially sighted and blind people as this technical revolution made watching TV impossible for them: While in the past a combination of hearing, residual sight, and audio description (AD) was used to describe what was shown on-screen, this information nowadays is written on the screen and cannot be accessed by blind people. Ironically, Contine reading

Unicredit offers different loans for different customers

This year, the Italian bank Unicredit was awarded four top recognitions, two second and three third ranks in the Italian “AIFIn Cerchio d’Oro dell’innovazione finanziaria”, an award organized by the Italian Financial Innovation Association with the aim to promote the role of innovation in banking, financial sectors, and insurance). Due to the fact that UniCredit had an excellent position in 7 different categories, the company received a special award as “Innovative Broker of the Year”. Over the last years, Unicredit has steadily improved Contine reading

European companies develop Diversity initiatives outside Europe

In order to increase the number of employees from under-represented groups or from emerging markets, European companies undertake Diversity initiatives in their subsidiaries outside Europe. Two large companies listed in the Stoxx 50, ABB and Imperial Tobacco, serve as examples for activities in the MEA region (Middle East & Africa). “Emerging markets are key to the future of business and diversity is key to being successful in these regions”, says Diversity expert Michael Stuber welcoming these moves. Contine reading

One of Britain’s Top Employer 2013, Tesco, works beyond Davies report targets

The British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer Tesco has been recognised as one of Britain’s Top Employers 2013 by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) Institute.
As a result of a recent research project, Tesco was named a British Top Employer among 68 other companies, all rated on opportunities for career development, training and development, cultural management and benefits offered. The participating companies have at least Contine reading

The World’s employers from a Global graduate perspective: research shows latest trends

The employer image of companies has always been closely related to their product images and their general reputation. However, the latest graduate survey results from Sweden-based consulting firm Universum reveals the full complexity of an international labour market. Not surprisingly, large US multinationals with strong brands dominate the top list. This might also be due to the importance International career development has for global top talent. Contine reading

LGBT agenda advanced by Court rulings – even over religious preference

On 15 January 2013 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the right to act in accordance with one’s religion may be limited in order to protect others from discrimination based on sexual orientation. This judgment was made in the case Eweida and Others vs. United Kingdom, where two employees refused to provide services to same-sex couples based on their religious believes. In two other cases employers imposed restrictions on wearing visible crosses at work. Contine reading