Recent survey by the Ethnic Minority Foundation on discrimination of university graduates

A recent survey conducted by the Ethnic Minority Foundation found out that almost nine in 10 recent university graduates have experienced some kind of discrimination at work. The findings of the report were also supported by another survey, this time conducted by, which interviewed 200 graduates and found that 86% had faced some form of discrimination. The results revealed various forms of discrimination such as race discrimination (40%), age discrimination (14%), Gender discrimination, encountered by 12% of respondents, and other motives for discrimination including sexual orientation and religion. Krishna Sarda, chief executive of the Ethnic Minority Foundation, commented the findings: “It is a sad and depressing fact that in 21st century Britain, discrimination on ethnicity is rife and ruining the life chances of so many young people. We are in need of leaders that focus their diversity programmes on outcomes and are prepared to be held accountable for failures.” The Ethnic Minority Foundation has started a campaign in order to provide a “secure base for Britain’s minority ethnic communities” and has called for effective leadership to promote diversity.