Diversity Management at International Trade Union Conference

The aim of the workshop, facilitated by Cologne-based Diversity pioneer, Michael Stuber, was to explore the opportunity Diversity presents in order to achieve the integration of GLBT issues into daily business reality. The event covered the different meanings of Diversity and why is was important, what managing Diversity can encompass, which roadblocks exist to integrating GLBT issues & Strategies and how to overcome these roadblocks, the economic rationale of sexual orientation and a road-map to implementing Diversity. Continue reading

Eine bunte Truppe

Gut gemeint ist oft das Gegenteil von gut gemacht. Mit einem Negativ-Beispiel aus dem internationalen Marketing beginnt der Diversity-Beitrag von Jochen Schuster im Nachrichtenmagazin Focus 40/1997. Am Beispiel des Automobilherstellers Ford zeigt er auf, wie Unternehmen durch das Gestalten von Vielfalt bessere Ergebnisse erzielen werden. Continue reading

Straight Jobs – Gay Lives in Europe: A Roadshow for neglected Diversity aspects

Most people claim that a person’s sexual orientation is a private matter and should not be discussed in the workplace. In addition, many stereotypes prevail saying that gay men would typically be found in some few professional niches like hairdressers, shop assistants, dancers or flight attendants. Therefore, it had been quite a surprise when Sharon Siverstein and Annette Friskopp published their study of the professional careers and workplace experiences of more than a hundred gay or lesbian Harvard MBA alumni. Continue reading