New Research: Trust is the key to wellbeing and organisational performance

Individual wellbeing ultimately contributes to overall business results, a new report gives additional evidence to this long-suspected nexus. Concretely, trust in and identification with a company were found to be essential for gains in productivity. The report “Trust: the key to building well-being and performance in the workplace” describes a lever connecting the individual and the team with the added value for the company. The research identifies eight drivers of mutual trust and the effects of key external factors on individual well-being and motivation.

Prepared by Working Families UK in partnership with the insurance company Unum the research report reveals eight intrinsic drivers of trust, each of which must be addressed in order to move towards optimal performance: Belong and connect, voice and recognition, significance and position, fairness, learn and challenge, choice and autonomy, security and certainty and last but not least purpose, meaning the understanding of how an individual’s role contributes and is aligned to the team and organisation’s success.

By interviewing more than 1,200 employees from the professional, financial, manufacturing and child and adult care industries the report also describes key external factors for creating trust in the workplace, namely work-life integration, workload and flexible working. Work-life balance is shown to provide a significant boost to operational performance. The benefits of a truly flexible working culture are equally important to both genders and to those without dependents as to those with children or other caring responsibilities. It also dispels a common myth about flexible working, demonstrating that there is no link between flexible working and ‘work centrality’ – the importance employees attach to work in their life. The report reconfirms why employers should enact flexible working programmes: They have nothing to lose while they will win engaged, happy and loyal employees.