Italian Energy giant focuses on D&I

ENEL’s current issue of their corporate magazine is dedicated to how to create value for business by fostering diversity inside corporations.

In it’s current July edition, the ENEL’s corporate magazine, e-Magazine, published a cover story about D&I. The report includes quotes from an HR meeting, where the topic was addressed, including by external expert speakers. The economic perspective is substantiated by business examples such as Apple that introduced a radically diverse business model, marketed under the headline ‘think different’.

ENEL finds itself in a dramatically changing business sector and therefore sees Diversity a strategic necessity. Therefore, the company invited D&I guru, Michael Stuber, to explain some of the cornerstones in a one-page interview. He first outlines the reasons for D&I on three levels: Strategic fit, tactical necessity, and operational value-add. Both research results and practical examples illustrate his story. However, he also talks about existing barriers to make the most of differences, including unconscious biases, and the importance of addressing them in a coherent way. Stuber says clearly that an explicit and tailored approach is needed in an organisation to create traction.

Two pages from ENEL’s e-magazine can be found here, in Italian and English.