Implementation Checklist for Diversity available from EU Commission website

The European Commission has initiated several Diversity projects since the year 2002. While the biggest push for Inclusion was probably the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All in 2007, one of the current initiatives includes the project “Support for Voluntary Initiatives Promoting Diversity Management in the Workplace”. Within that framework, a full-scale checklist for the holistic implementation of Diversity has been developed. It is based on the results of a feasibility study for a pan-European Diversity benchmarking system that was completed by European Diversity Research & Consulting in 2010, in collaboration with 30 international companies in Europe, so-called development partners. The checklist has been authored by Michael Stuber, owner manager of European Diversity Research & Consulting, for the European Commissions Directorate General for Justice.

The checklist aims at serving as a support tool for the voluntary implementation of Diversity & Inclusion in companies, mainly in larger corporations (with concrete HR structures or processes). Public entities may find most of the content useful as well. It aspires to be an impetus to verify, broaden, deepen or optimise existing approaches to Diversity & Inclusion. Therefore, the checklist provides a framework for the implementation of Diversity Management along different timelines and for a variety of corporate functions. It also presents ideas for the sustained integration and steering/monitoring of Diversity Management as an ongoing task.

Due to its comprehensive set of objectives, the check list grew to over 40 pages. Different sections of the tool have been designed for companies that are at different stages in their implementation process. The full document can be accessed through the European Commission website.

The direct download link is here