From Discrimination to Individual Litigation

The story of workplace diversity in Europe differs from the one in the US. This is due to the influence of history tells Sarah Murray. “In the US you have a national structure with a national identity and within that a large diversity of people in term of ethnicities and regional differences, say Michael Stuber, founder of mi st [ Consulting. “In Europe the basic setting is different – you have 12 and soon 25 European Union Countries.
The national structure and the history of anti-discrimination that goes back to the civil rights movement and US history of affirmative action led to a “culture of support” with good opportunities for minority business. The strength of minority business proves this. The initiative “Inner City 100” stated 38% minority organisations in the US. In comparison the index of the UK ist 13%.
The US population is changing greatly: “The Hispanic Population is predicted to double” and “the Asian´s community’s representation will grow from 3.8 per cent to 8 per cent.”
So the US focus on diversity in a broader sense can be attributed to legislation and the force to conquer more diverse markets.
In Europe similar legislation is growing. Probably Europe catches the diversity attitude as well.

This post summarizes the article “From Discrimination to Individual Litigation” by Sarah Murray, published in “Financial Times“.