Focus on Impact: D&I fully revamped

The longer you work in D&I, the more difficult it gets to innovate. It may feel as if you have already considered everything. That’s why it took us 3+ years to revamp our entire approach to D&I. The result offers you innovative, international, intelligence-based D&I.

The New Year marks the beginning of a new era which is the result of a 3.5 year long development process. Over this period, we have fundamentally transformed all of our approaches to D&I and ultimately created Engineering D&I – the new headline, tagline and storyline for impactful D&I.

Responding to challenges

Analyses about the future of D&I showed that globalisation, social media and a trivialisation of D&I has led to blue-print programmatic initiatives which fulfilled expectations ‘to do something’, but did not manage to create progress or add value, nor did they receive the support from wider audiences (for example SWCMs). At the same time, echo chambers and populist mechanisms are showing their nasty implication in the D&I field. They have created a number of myths and implicit assumptions about D&I, which continue to generate (understandable) resistance.

From intuitive to impactful D&I

Building upon our 20+ years of research, publications and consulting work, we saw a need to offer an alternative to

  • Copying-and-pasting
  • Trial-and-error
  • Simplistic metrics (‘what gets measured gets done’)
  • Siloed constituencies (and competition)
  • Biased narratives.

Engineering D&I is our answer (and proposition) to those who feel they need to make more tangible progress, reap measurable benefits and enlist whole-hearted support from wider audiences inside and outside of their organisations.

A rigorous rerouting of many (if not most) existing paradigms and programmes is required when you want to implement the learning of populist success, ‘google memo’ cases, increasing racist attitudes and persisting sexist dynamics.

Key levers to create impact

The future impact-focused framework for D&I is built along three interrelated axes:

  1. D&I means Change: Reposition D&I as a change driver to make your organisation resilient
  2. (Success-)Critical Thinking: Operationalise D&I with a strict evidence-based business focus
  3. Organisational Impact: Make D&I a daily experience for all employees

Our new approach is summarised on our completely new website which presents five to six webpages in each of the sections, answering your What? Why? How? and Who? Please note that this website replaces the twelve micro websites we offered previously.

Your observations, comments or congratulations are always welcome:

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