EDS2 2004: European Diversity Survey Key Issues for Corporate Diversity in Europe

For the second time, European Diversity Research & Consulting has conducted a broad and comprehensive survey of good practice in Europe. Four focus areas which are considered as key factors to the success of Diversity work were examined.

From early July to mid August, 2004, 68 international companies from 8 sectors and 13 countries have formed an unparalleled panel, and answered our semi-standardised online questionnaire.

Profit from the results of a comprehensive survey and Order now or download our information leaflet.EDS2-Information-Leaflet

The aim of EDS2 was to identify

Current practices
Success stories
Key stakeholders

in 4 focus areas, which are key to the success of Diversity work in Europe:

Business Case
Age Diversity
EU anti-discrimination legislation
External communication

Profit from the results of a comprehensive survey

The final report with statistical analyses, interpretations and recommendations has been released in November 2004. Its aim was to identify current practices, success stories, key stakeholders, and challenges of Diversity. Get to know what is considered good practice and position your diversity work in this context.

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