Diversity & Inclusion Seminar, Barcelona

The fourth annually Diversity Conference in Barcelona focused on Global culture and transformation and its meaning for new approaches of Diversity Consulting. From 23rd till 24th February a handful qualified speakers informed and discussed about the integration of Diversity into business as usual. “If the only thing required to increase Diversity were the business case – we would be done by now” said Keynote Speaker Jacqui Robertson, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion (ING Group). In this sense, the conference emphasized on innovative ideas to shift diversity from 1.0 to 2.0.Even though Diversity has found its way into many companies, there are still many questions left – and well known issues that are still not worked out. We can often find a representation-based diversity in many companies. But the key is an opportunity-based diversity. Finding approaches is a main focus. Barriers and prejudices prevent companies from developing new perspectives and opportunity-based diversity. Nathalie Malige, CEO at Diverseo SAS, informed about performing a systematic identification of the key barriers to overcome and identifying and measuring both unconscious implicit-attitudes and organisational explicit-bias.
Further issues of the conference were the connection with the marketplace. Adequate measurements of the benefits of Diversity constituted further key issues. To answer these challenges, it is necessary to break down traditional concepts of Diversity and drive innovative thinking forward. People only do what they are required to if it is a “business requirement”, but Diversity is a reality and Inclusiveness is a state of mind. As a result, increasing transparency and openness (Talent Transparency) can be observed and suitable instruments are needed. Compatible to this, there is a big discussion about Targets v’s quotas and the question if it is a short-sighted-perspective. There is still no “one size fits all” model, therefore aligning and embedding efforts is one of the main challenges for the future.