Corporate expert session: Measuring D&I success

How can you measure different forms of success in your D&I work? And what should be defined as success in the first place? The much-needed and also long discussed question will be the focus of an educational session in April in Brussels.

JUMP is a Brussels-based platform that works with organisations and individuals to ‘close the gap between women and men at work’ and beyond that to help create a more equal society. Besides their blog and large forum events, JUMP offers expert meetings, called the JUMP Corporate Hub, for corporate diversity stakeholders dedicated to the exchange of best practices on gender equality at work. The upcoming Brussels Corporate Hub work session will focus on different forms of success measurement.

The what and how of D&I Success Measurement 

At the event, an initial briefing will look at the different elements of the Diversity & Inclusion value chain in order to identify different paradigms for meaningful and consistent success measurement. On that basis, the participants will explore different types of metrics including activity-based (looking at D&I programmes and plans, D&I imbedded in tools and processes) and goal-based (both quantitative and qualitative, looking at representational data, corporate reporting and engagement metrics). Expert input will ensure to differentiate between success and progress as well as ongoing monitoring.

An additional focus will discuss how to analyse the benefits (ROI) of your diversity work.

In order to facilitate the transfer into participants’ day jobs, the session will also cover the aspect of communication of metrics in an effective manner.

At the end of the session, participants will better understand how to use existing (or new) data to create a comprehensive framework and a compelling story.


Expert guidance

The session will include expert input from Michael Stuber, global D&I engineer and founder, European Diversity Research and Consulting, who has extensively covered issues of success measurement throughout his twenty years of research, publication and consulting work. Practitioners will join him to present case studies from the field



Date: April 24, 2018, 12.00 to 15.30 hrs

Place: Brussels, 25 participants maximum (1 to 2 person per company)

Price per person per session: 350 € + VAT if applicable

Lunch and coffee break are included. Session summary, presentation, videos and useful readings will be shared with participants after the session

If you are registered but unable to attend, you can exchange your seat with a colleague.


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