Case Study: Involving Top Management Levels in shaping the Gender Diversity agenda

If you feel you need to reshape your Gender Diversity strategy and want to make sure top management is not only on board but actively engaged, why don’t you run workshops on the business case & strategy design with your first levels? One large country organisation of a global firm did that and received detailed input and lists of active supporters with whom they proceed. Contine reading

Positive Grundstimmung gegenüber Religionen – mit einem deutlichen „Aber“

Zu Beginn des Ramadan und im Kontext populistisch geführter Debatten über den Islam in Deutschland und Flüchtlinge unterschiedlicher Religionen hilft eine aktuelle repräsentative Umfrage, die Grundstimmung in Deutschland einzuschätzen. Derweil geht der Rechtsstreit über Kopftuchverbote auf EU-Ebene in die nächste Runde – mit Relevanz für Deutschland und Österreich.

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Consolidated online resource for European gender data: Excellent policy data, weak for D&I

The European Union’s Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) has introduced a new online resource for Gender Statistics. It aims at serving as a comprehensive knowledge centre for gender statistics on various aspects of (in)equality between women and men. Initial tests show that the focus of the database is more on general demographics and public policy concerns than on employment or management.

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Neue Beispiele für durchlässige Geschlechterrollen in der TV Werbung

Die Anziehungskräfte zwischen Mann und Frau bestimmen weite Teile des Lebens – und das Leben selbst. Die Werbung in Deutschland setzt intensiv auf diese Attraktion, vor allem zwischen ‚typischen‘ Männern und Frauen. Die große Bandbreite, die das Leben jenseits der starren Genderrollen bereithält, zeigen gleich vier aktuelle TV Spots, u.a. von Vodafone und Allianz.

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Commerzbank publishes results of an internal study on the role of fathers

Parental leave has a positive impact on both job and partnership. This is one of the central insights of the latest study into fatherhood, which was published by Germany’s second largest bank, Commerzbank. Some 750 employees who had been on parental leave during the past five years responded to questions regarding their motivation to engage in both job and family.

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Doing the impossible: An encouraging report to measure ethnicity and origin in D&I

Measuring the progress and success of D&I has become an obsession among some stakeholders.  Some even think that monitoring number is a key to facilitating change. At the same time, many believe that counting men and women, or the generations, is the only hard metric that exists. A new report from the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) provides new insight into the feasibility of measuring ethnicity and/or origin.

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