A strong corporate statement against LGBT bullying by SAP

Despite strong moves on LGBT equality in society and politics (c.f. above) homosexuality is still a taboo in the corporate world. Especially in management positions, a strong culture of heterosexual assumption prevails and is actively maintained through implicit dynamics. Gay executives choose not to come out of the closet as they fear of loss of management prestige. But keeping silent could even lead to painful losses of other family members.
SAP has created a new way to position LGBT diversity. The company pro-actively enters into the public sphere using a video on the diversity of sexual orientations to oppose discrimination and bullying of gays and lesbians and the wider group of so-called sexual minorities. The video is aimed at the LGBT community of the world, encouraging them not to be scared of harassment, to strengthen themselves and to adopt new self-confidence. In the 11 minute long video, SAP manager Steve Fehr talks about his son who committed suicide after being bullied for his sexual orientation for years. Also other SAP employees around the world give their opinion on discrimination against sexual orientation.
After launching the campaign in the US, the video was also shown at an event at SAP’s corporate headquarters end of November 2012. Their new CHRO, Luisa Delgado, said “It is my commitment as your board member in charge of HR at SAP that being different means being more.”
To see the video, visit http://youtu.be/Zbh4YNwmfJM