A Good Boss Equals Happy Employees

A survey carried out by Lloyds TSB and the work-life balance charity, Working Families, in their search for the UK’s Best Boss showed that eight out of ten women in the UK said that they would quit and find another job if they had a very bad relationship with their boss. The majority (72 percent) of working women in the UK said that having a good relationship with their boss is more important than pay and benefits. And three quarters (76 percent) surveyed believed work-life balance was an essential part of a modern career. The survey findings also revealed that over two thirds (68 percent) of people believe their boss does understand the need for good work-life balance. Other elements that scored highly when it came to creating a happy working life were a supportive working environment (58 percent) and good relationships with colleagues (64 percent). The competition which is in its seventh year, called for people to nominate their boss if they believe they’re supportive, encouraging and take a practical and understanding approach to work-life balance. The winning boss wins a holiday and both they and their nominators are invited to a celebratory lunch at the House of Lords.